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BPool: a Market Network

The concept of a Market Network is to build a community through a marketplace and apply a Saas Model (Software as a Service) platform. This is the BPool model. We are building a strong network of BPool partners to change the logic of the market whilst creating and distributing more value across different players. Through technology, accumulated diversified expertise in the industry and selected partners, we offer a wide range of marketing services to optimize client business as establish healthy long-term relationships.

If technololy was able to change the way in which we shop, listen to music or rent an apartment, what can it do for the communications industry?

BPool is a new solution in a market that needs transformation. A model that uses technology and data intelligence to connect marketing services partners and clients in a straight forward, fair and transparent way. To clients, more tailored and optimized relationships, to partners a incentive to entrepreneurship through business opportunities.


The communication industry operates with outdated values for the current time. This system needs to be updated.


BPOOL wants to be established as the leading platform updating the relations in the communication industry to fit the new market mindset. We do this by empowering the latest best in class talents and solutions to partner with the world's most valuable brands in a fair, efficient, and transparent way.

BPool. B is the New A.

A quick and efficient platform to connect agencies, studios and independent professionals to clients in an simple and transparent way.

A business opportunity channel for small and mid-sized marketing services companies and independent professionals

An opportunity for clients to pick alternative certified fresh blood specialists respecting compliance and procurement processes

An efficient environment to establish talent driven, transparent and accountable relationships