A way to raise the bar on creativity and innovation with tailored work, at a fair customized price.


At the same time, a way to increase visibility and develop business opportunities to hubs, studios and independent agencies at medium and large clients, through a transparent and efficient process.


  • + Integrated
  • + Digital
  • + Social
  • + Performance
  • + PR


  • + Integrated
  • + Digital
  • + Social
  • + Performance
  • + Media
  • + Research
  • + Insights


  • + Concept Boards
  • + Creative Ideas
  • + Scripts


  • + Sprints
  • + Agile
  • + Marketing


  • + Branding
  • + Brandbook
  • + POS Material
  • + Packaging


  • + Social Posts
  • + Presentations
  • + Videos
  • + Videocases
  • + Photography


  • + Landing Page
  • + Website,
  • + Banners
  • + E-mail Marketing
  • + SEO


  • + Events Workshops
  • + Lectures
  • + Activations
  • + Launches
  • + Shopper

How the platform works

For each project the client chooses the most suited boutique, amongst 3 recommendations

Package Bpool

The client selects the type of service needed with pre-negotiated deals from our Asset Market


The match-making algorithm suggests 3 possible partners from the BPool certified network

Choice of Partner

The client chooses the partner evaluating its expertise and work experience


Parner and client discuss detailed briefing and scope


Client confirms final scope on the platform and smart contracts are signed on the platform


Client and partner are free to work in the format they choose and mutual evaluations are done on the platform, sample of final work is also uploaded to the platform

BPool for clients

and creativity

A pool of motivated and talented specialists. Fresh eyes for each project to raise the bar on creativity and innovation.


BPool partners are small and medium sized studios and agencies, with a more optimized cost structure. List of assets and bundles pre-priced and approved by procurement areas.

and Security

BPool is the registered supplier at corporations and all payments are done through the platform. Smart Contracts are aligned with all compliance criterium. BPool monitors all relationships and interferes when necessary.

Time and
cost savings

BPool curated the best partners in the market and the algorithm indicated the ideal ones for each project. As the procurement area has already agreed to the asset list and pricing when certifying BPool, per project negotiation is no longer necessary which saves massive time and costs for clients.

and Transparency

A real-time dashboard to provide full accountability in the use of marketing budgets.

Here are some of the clients that are using our platform

Join them and find the best boutiques for your projects.


How agencies and studios benefit from Boutique Pool


New Business Opportunities

Platform will act as a commerical force to small-mid sized boutiques, opening up possibilities of constant projects with 1st tier brands in the market.


Fair Remuneration

Platform pre-defined prices in a way that they are profitable to platform members, and at the same time fair for clients. Choice is then based on experience, portfolio and category expertise and relationship fit.


Development Program

Business flow from the platform means less time and resources invested in pitching. When pitching is involved dilligence is no longer necessary (done at platform approval process) and fair pitch rules apply


Development Program

Platform will provide a program to nurture the growth of it’s members, including partnerships, a shared services structure, evaluation & training as well access to lines of financing.