Product dedicated to leveraging marketing, communication and advertising investments with partners led by representatives of diverse groups: women, non-white people, LGBTQIAPN+ and PCD's.

Underused potential

The demand for companies and marketing professionals from diverse groups continues to grow due to brand diversity initiatives and the sophistication of ESG initiatives in companies. Although brands want to be associated with companies with diverse leadership, there are still some impediments:


Discovery - brands don't have the tools to find companies/people.


Companies from different groups that are just starting out cannot register as suppliers to large companies.


The market needs to be more actively promoted and trained in order to increase supply.

Diversity criteria

Companies that are mostly (51%+) owned and led by:






BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color)


Disability owned (DOBE)

How to participate (brands)

Be open to introductory sessions to get to know the companies in the pool;
Commit to a volume of projects to be conducted by the pool;
Join forces to promote and endorse the project;
Be available to participate in events, talks and discussions that promote diversity and inclusion issues.

BPool has joined Integrare, strengthening our commitment to the market and boosting marketing investments with independent partners.

Integrare, a non-profit organization, issues diversity certifications to companies that support under-represented groups such as people with disabilities, Afro-descendants and indigenous people, free of charge for BPool partners.